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מועדון הג

Millions of years ago the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula disconnected from Africa. The Indian subcontinent drifted through the sea and collided with Asia, creating the Himalayas. Since then, the two continents have shared the Elephant; sacred to the Indian culture.

Determined to bridge between the African and Indian elephant species, the members of Baba Ganesh set out to investigate the connections between the Raga and the Maqam, the relations between the Thales of southern India and the rhythm circles of West Africa, and the links between masala and hawaij, integrated with plenty of groove, improvisation, and energy that turn the journey into a bursting party… just as a true journey should be. 

The members of the band are a star-quality team of experienced musicians, fusing their musical backgrounds originating in the Andalusian, Indian, classical Arabic, jazz, funk, and Traibel worlds. 

Band members: 

Itamar Ben-Yakir – trumpet 

Lily-Ann Bezalel- Bansuri (Indian flute) 

Madhav Haridas- Saxophone 

Ran Gerson – didgeridoo 

David Degami – percussion 

Regev Baruch – drums 

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • מועדון הג
  • שדרות דוד בן גוריון 2
  • מצפה רמון
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  • 27/05/2023 20:30   -   22:00
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